nubia is preparing to launch a phone Red Magic 3 in the month of April

Moving company nubia to focus on the launch and development of new versions of phones allocated for the games, and the new company will continue to launch the phone Red Magic 3, which comes with improvements in the cooling system, with a bump top in the screen.

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Revealed the latest leaks about some of the specifications of the phone Red Magic 3 the continent of nubia, which comes after the versions successive of phones Games, launched phone Red Magic in the month of December last year, while the second version of phone Red Magic in the month of in the month of January.

I began CEO of nubia in the launch of the advertising trailer for Red Magic 3 on the company’s account in Weibo, where applicable phone officially during the month of April next, and that includes protrusion of the upper in the screen.

Also from the article that applies to this version with the chip Snapdragon processor 855, and the random 12 GB RAM, the phone also supports cooling system hybrid includes cooling the antenna with the cooling liquid, and also the turbofan.

Also this release comes with the highest refresh rate in frames of the screen, with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, so we expect more details about the specification of the phone when the official announcement in the month of April.


I know of

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