Nubia arouse the enthusiasm of the fans ads trailer a new phone her midwife to wrap around the wrist


It’s no secret that the sub-brand Nubia of ZTE is working to create a device capable of folding can roll around the wrist during the event, to be held on tomorrow, Monday, to February 25 in Barcelona, Spain, and exactly at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019. And although it is only a question of hours before being officially unveiled this device, he decided the Chinese company posted two ads trailer to keep fans excited.

Of course, this ad headline doesn’t reveal too many details, but continue to emphasize the fact that the device is foldable from the East will feature a flexible OLED screen, and will around your wrist.

Generally, we will make sure of everything when will the Chinese company to remove the curtain officially unveiled the device at Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 on Monday with the knowledge that the event the official announcement will be held in the p.m. CET.

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