Now you can call Assistant Google without touching iPhone

Whatever the outcome of the comparison between the Assistant Google will, the latter remains the preferred option for customers of the Apple TV for easy being called on the iPhone and the company’s products, but this is changing today.

Although it was Can Add Widget to plugin Google to the right or the left of the Home screen and lock screen, open the Assistant Google, which gets started from today supports testing of Siri.

This means that you can set a phrase such as “Hey Google”, so when I pronounce this phrase to Siri, the launch Assistant Google immediately ready for the question and it’s you.

And even if the iPhone is locked, as long as able to use Siri from the Lock Screen (Settings > Siri and) you can summon Siri by saying “Hey Siri” and then pronounce the words to summon the assistant to Google and “Hey Google” to begin your talk with the assistant.

Not only that, but you can create Shortcuts Siri functions fully considered by the Assistant Google, so that when you take a shortcut to Siri command is executed directly through the Assistant Google; i.e., instead of calling Siri to call Assistant Google and then dumping it, you can summon Siri and the phrase that the implementation of the test within Assistant Google.

Recall that the tests Siri is one of the most prominent features of iOS 12 and you can recognize the way it works from the video below.

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