Now notifications from your Android smartphone come on the PC

Microsoft has fulfilled one of his biggest promises associated with a software project Your Phone. The company has released a build of Windows Insider Preview, which launched a new function – display Android notifications on your PC. If you give apps permission to display alerts, you will be able to learn about important message or some action your friend in social networks, not reaching the phone lying in the other end of the room.

Notice, of course, you can delete one by one or all at once, and the changes you make on the computer will be applied on your smartphone. A new feature is gradually spreading to the computers of the so-called Windows Insiders, as expected, in the Assembly 1803 (RS4). To use it you will also need a smartphone with Android operating system 7.0 Nougat or newer installed on it, the application Manager of your phone (Your Phone Companion), which you can download in Google Playand a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

Unfortunately, you can’t respond to notifications (at least yet), but this feature is still very useful for applications such as Snapchat or Twitter, and others, which simply doesn’t exist on the desktop at the moment. Connect the device to PC is via a wireless connection for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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