Now it has become possible penetration of mobile phones and the fingerprint

Came metrics, such as the sensor of fingerprint, iris and facial imprint as new to unlock phones easily distinct use of old methods such as passwords.

To improve ease of use forced phone manufacturers to use the authentication system is flexible, speaking of fingerprint reader is the most prevalent of the other, the authentication systems are to meet on the part of the fingerprint of the user does not require to have a finger scan the same corner every time.

I’ve used systems of authentication this flexible by researchers to create prints “global” fake named “DeepMasterPrints”. And the word Universal here is that each fingerprint of the fingerprint fake it can serve authentication systems a lot of mobile phones and the fingerprint, despite the different fingerprint recorded on every phone.

How is configured like this prints false? Fed neural network in fingerprint real to learn the patterns of a fingerprint to create a fingerprint. Then analyze this fingerprint using the same algorithm for authentication is used in phones, and amended repeatedly with high accuracy even succeeded in bypassing an authentication system – although it actually did not match the fingerprint registered in whole; this method is based fan systems the fingerprint of the current.

Repeat the process with a huge collection of data, researchers were able to create a fingerprint by the properties of common is present in the public fingerprints of persons, but using it in a particular manner possible to fool a lot of authentication schemes phones. In other words: can every fake fingerprints to fool authentication systems phones for a large proportion of users, not all prints are designed for a single user.

Fingerprint fake – prints true

What are the chances of success prints counterfeit bypass authentication systems with the fingerprint of the finger? It depends on the accuracy of the reader footprint, there are systems so tolerant, by an error of 1%, successfully prints counterfeit in the fool it by 77%.

For the systems of protection the most stringent, by error of 0.1%, it has been possible to fool by 22% of the Times portable. And even that by mistake a few 0.01% it has been possible to fool the 1% of the time.

Provided by researchers is not sufficient to raise the sensor of fingerprint entirely and return to the passwords and PIN codes, but urge the manufacturers of electronic devices to review certification systems footprint and enhance safety in the future devices to protect them from possible attack takes advantage of that fingerprint fakes.

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