Now, Instagram allows its users to download a file their data

Launched a famous social networking site “Instagram” Instagram is a new tool that allows its users to download all images, videos, comments, audio clips and record names, if they so desire.

That have Instagram has provided a tool already exists within the social network months global Facebook Facebook, which acquired Instagram in April 2012, as do the Instagram tool download profile coincides with the entry of the law regulating the protection of the public data of the new GDPR comes into force in the European Union.

And on Instagram, if he wanted to continue within the European Union, abide by the rules of the legal area in the Union or face a fine of up to € 20 million or 2% from the coming annual, whichever is higher.

The mechanism to download data and profile through the user request for it, and need to wait 48 hours until almost orphaned by the processing of the request, and then sends Instagram link contains archived data available for download, and continues to do the rest for 4 full days.

How you can download your profile?

(1) Open the page of your personal account on Instagram, and press the mark settings next to Edit Profile Edit Profile.

(2) Tap on privacy and security Privacy and Security.

(3) go down to the bottom of the page you’ll find box download the Data Data Download, click on the request download Request Download.

(4) Enter your e-mail, which you will receive you download link, and then click Next.

(5) you will be prompted Instagram to enter the password for your account profile, then press the request download Request Download.

(6) would you Instagram that he will treat your request and will send you the download link within 48 hours.


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