Now in Russian: Rostov University has launched courses on the blockchain and cryptocurrency

This week one of the best universities in the world, the London school of Economics, began to hold sessions on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Now to obtain professional education of capturadora in the top ten universities around the world, but in Russian it still remained inaccessible.

Now to obtain specialized education without the knowledge of foreign languages can and Russian traders. Don state technical University launched two programs on cryptocurrencies. About it writes “RIA Novosti”

Courses called “Intellectual systems based on BlockChain technologies” and “Digital accounting and management”. They are available from September, the report said of the University.

Within two years, students will develop the courses on intelligent information systems, distributed technologies, cryptocurrency, cryptomeria, cybersecurity and the digital economy. Training will begin this academic year.

On completion of the course students will receive the diplomas of the master of cryptocurrencies.

Undergraduates will be trained to develop a new information system at the level of leading world analogues for use in both traditional and innovative fields and create new forms and structures of electronic payments.

The potential of blockchain employees are not in doubt.

We offer undergraduates the support of the University to study in depth the technology of the distributed registry. The BlockChain is a promising technology that is rapidly being implemented in many areas of our lives. The demand for professionals in this field is growing every day.

The programme is organized together with the Cyprus University of Nicosia, conduct classes will be well-known experts in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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