Now about your phone to the Android system rules and performance

The Android system forces it was designed to support weak devices specifications, says the consumption of a small portion of the capacity of the RAM does not weigh on the performance on the Processor where the application of light. When you get it the way below, will recognize the store to preorder it as a device running the Android forces, and thus will propose the application of light and customized this system first.

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Says the one who chose to order on Moto G3 with a capacity of 1 gigabytes RAM, that the RAM consumption dropped to 390 meg MB after he was exposed to 500 meg of RAM and the performance improvement is good, however, does not guarantee in Tiki Foy not know the user’s errors or failure of the operation.

How to run Android rules on your phone?

First: download these two files, from here. The two file android_lowram_enabler which is performed by the activation system, and android_lowram_disabler that makes you shut down the system if you don’t like to use.

Second: run the phone in mode recovery (the method can vary from phone to phone, search the name of your phone on the Google). Then choose Install and then look in the files that you downloaded from the file android_lowram_enabler chosen to start the installation process, you’ll often find it in file transfers.

Third: after the installation is finished, restart the phone, and thus will become the Android operating forces. To cancel the system, you can perform the same steps, but choose File android_lowram_disabler this time.

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Remember that this method works with phones that run Android 4.4 or later, and in addition, if your device is modern and powerful, or average specifications it requires to install the Android rules so that the poor performance you have is often caused by something else.

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