Notifications on Huawei P30 Pro come late? We know how to fix it

Brand launcher from Huawei called EMUI over the past three years has come a long way during which quite progressed and improved both externally and in terms of usability, but it has some flaws, which do not give rest to the regular users of smartphones the Chinese manufacturer. In particular, it relates to push notifications, and more specifically to their timely display, and, in General, display. All this blame aggressive memory management system in EMUI. There are cases when the notifications from a particular application is simply not displayed, or when all background services are disabled due to the fact that the screen has been off for several hours. In this article we will tell you how to solve this problem.

How to fix push notifications on P30 Pro

  1. Open Settings from the applications menu or home screen.
  2. Go to “Applications” and there again click on “Applications”.

  3. Locate your desired app and click on it to open a menu with the available options.
  4. Find the submenu “Information of power consumption” and click on it.
  5. On the new screen, click on “Run application”.

  6. In the appeared from below the curtain, push the switch “Automatic control” in the inactive position, and the remaining three options will let included.

All right then! As soon as you turn off the auto-management of background activity EMUI will no longer enable this function, when the smartphone is in standby mode.

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