Nothing to listen to? Let’s look for new music together!

Service Apple Music has accustomed us to listen to the music we want to hear, not what I heard on the radio. But from time to time, even those who live in the shell and nothing but underground, not interested, there is a desire to look outside and find out what lives planet.

During the review of the HomePod to our request to play some modern hits Siri gave opus group Black Star or something like that. Therefore, in order to see the best works of modern and not to feel offended, to have an assistant you trust. The most attractive option for us was the platform NOWavailable in the iTunes Store and offers a constantly changing collection of collections with the most relevant and interesting tracks.

Recently on the platform appeared the fifth edition collections, and, after listening to him, with the responsibility declare, that the selection is a decent slice of contemporary music from which you can get an idea about the situation in today’s mainstream.

For example, if you still think that the latest clip of Katy Perry is a basketball epic “Swish Swish“, then let it be known that for more than a month blows up YouTube new video for the song “Hey, Hey, Hey“. In the collection of this song too, and believe me, the works of Catherine of pleasing not only the eyes but the ears.

Preparing for an August concert of Imagine Dragons in Moscow? It’s time to start repeating the old hits and learn new. I bet the song “Whatever It Takes” there certainly sounds so in your play-list, it, too, must live.

Mysterious LP, which had forced us few tears from the masterpiece “Lost On You”, successfully challenged the status of the singer of a one hit wonder. New song “Suspicion” has the potential to linger in our hearts for no less a period.

Vociferous and energetic Fall Out Boy this year have already celebrated the new album, which began to sound more pop in the best sense of the word. Take, for example, the action “Hold Me Tight Or Don’t“, which the musicians clearly made a big bet, highlighting in the track list of the album its name in capital letters.

But fans of romance and sensual vocals will appreciate a new work, sweet-voiced Sam Smith, whose broad audience loved the song from the latest series of James bond “Spectrum”. YouTube has captivated covers for a new song “Too Good At Goodbye“, and it already speaks about success.

This is only a small part of a huge number of songs on the compilation “That’s What I Call Music Vol. 5”, which includes as many as 29 tracks. Personally, we appreciated these selections and periodically turn them in the office. Still nice when, instead of lengthy searches and compilations of compilations just click on play and myself to thank the person who saved us from unnecessary troubles. To purchase the entire fifth compilation is at a reasonable price 169 rubles, and if you can’t wait to hear all the hits, feel free to run along this link!

In addition, Apple Music, and a special section NOW, where are all contained in the collections of the composition. Enjoy them this link, and read all you can tracks below:

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