Not the same caliber: why payment card from Apple cannot compare with Bitcoin?

At a recent presentation, Apple surprised fans: one of the largest manufacturers in the summer will launch its own credit card. The decision of the users should be much easier traditional plastic: no signature, the card number, CCV code, or date of expiry. However, all this does not help the company in competition with Bitcoin.

The crypt is paramount

The Apple Card is an attempt of the manufacturer to enter the new market and capture significant share. Given the popularity of Apple products around the world and regular cashback, payment cards from the company will definitely become a favorite method of payment for the purchase of many users.

We will remind, earlier the main competitor of Apple announced the addition of crypto-currency wallet for Samsung Galaxy S10. What will be the response from the headquarters in Cupertino?

The Apple Card is built into the Wallet App, with which you can make transactions and pay for purchases. The company claims that you will not be able to track transactions, as they will all be posted only on the device. Users can also order a titanium card, however, its use is not really justified.

All this, of course, very good, but Apple is positioning his invention as a “revolution in Finance”, promising complete privacy and independence to its users. This is clearly not better than Bitcoin, in which there are no centralized nodes.

Source: Belmarket

The Apple Card is more like a desperate attempt to push Apple Pay to the masses. Although Tim cook calls the event “the most important change in the field of credit cards”. Some even believe that if Steve jobs was still alive, he will integrate the updates in iOS already today.

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