Not the password of the “Hotspot” on your phone this way

It’s very important to put a password for the Hotspot or hotspot Wi-Fi to your smartphone, to avoid the use of volunteers for a bouquet of your Internet as well as to protect the data of your phone which can be seen through the point of contact. It is very important to also change that password from time to time, because you might use with devices that do not belong to you or give it to a friend.

To change the password of the Hotspot you must follow the following:

Phones Android:

1 – Open your phone settings under the tab Wireless & networks, select More.

2. Select Tethering & portable hotspot.

3. Select the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

4. select Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.

5 – Non name and password, and then press Save.

Also for iPhones to enter the phone settings and select Activate the Personal hotspot option, make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled then select Wi-Fi password including the password.

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