Not run Google Assistant for Android. What to do?

Google Assistant — this is probably the best voice assistant with whom I had to work. Despite the fact that he is not so talkative, as the same Alice, most of the tasks it performs perfectly — from set up reminders and alarms to smart home control and cancel random payments. However, as we know, and the old woman is proruha, but because this weekend me and, as it turned out, another part of Google Assistant suddenly stopped working. Understand, can this be fixed.

Google Assistant won’t start? There is a solution

Last weekend on the official support forum, Google has begun to receive messages from different countries with complaints about the Google Assistant. According to users, the interface is a voice assistant appears for a split second after uttering the phrase “Okay, Google” or use a dedicated activation key and then immediately closes displaying a message about the discontinuance of the application.

Not included Google assistant

This problem occurs on different versions of Android and, apparently, not depends on smartphone model. In any case, the failure of the assistant informed the owners of devices Google Pixel, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, DirectX 9 and a few others. Moreover, this is not the first such case. A similar complaint appeared in the previous year, but then Google released an update Google services with bug-fix, which removed the cause of missions. But what do the users who fails now?

How to clear the Google cache

Some users, according to their words, helped the banal cleaning the cache of the Google app, which is tied to a Google Assistant.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” — “Applications”;

How to get to application settings on Android

  • In the opened window look for the tab Google and saponite it;
  • Then open “Memory” section, scroll through the list of available options down to the button “Clear cache” and click it;

How to clear application cache on Android

  • Now go back and select the option “running the place” where to click “Delete all data”.

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Judging by the reviews, this method can work to give you back Google Assistant in working condition, although has not received official approval from Google itself. Moreover, it is important to understand that data cleansing will deprive you of the history of requests sent from Google to cleaning. If you are willing to risk data loss, without warranty of any kind regarding the performance of a voice assistant, then go ahead.

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