Not only the Apple Watch as iPhone owner to monitor the health of

Many iPhone owners want to monitor their health, and best of all the special wearable devices (and workout with proper nutrition, of course). However, not all run to buy the Apple Watch: someone thinks these watches are too expensive, others do not like the design and so on. The benefit of this world wearable iOS-compatible accessory does not end there.

For example, work great with iPhone smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear S3, which look like mechanical, but combines a host of smart features — calorie counter, steps, auto-detection training, and more. Watches allow you to receive all notifications from apps, answer calls and take into account the user’s sleep.

The main advantage of S3 is the operating system Tizen, which is really nice. Thanks to her the watch can work 3-4 days without recharging. And for wearable devices, the battery life is very important.

If your budget is limited, pay attention to fitness trackers, and smart watches are not. Perhaps, there is still not invented anything better than Xiaomi Mi Band 3. This is the newest generation of the most popular fitness bracelet. The main feature of the Mi Band 3 is a relatively large (for bracelet) OLED screen. On the display you can see time, information about completed steps, heart rate and more. Is there a good app for iOS where you can see all the information about their successes.

The accessory is protected from water, dust and scratches. As with previous generations of the bracelet, Xiaomi offers to use it with a simple silicone strap. And most importantly: on a single charge bracelet will live 20 days.

It works great with iPhone and Huawei Band 3 Pro. This model is available with GPS, a color AMOLED display and deep sleep monitoring. You can run without a smartphone: the tracker remembers the route and then draws on the map, and at night the device measures heart rate, breathing and sleep cycles, so you saw everything in the mobile app.

Huawei Band 3 Pro is not only a sports tracker that supports sleep monitoring, heart rate and workouts, but also smart bracelet with notification, which can alert you to messages and incoming calls. But more than pleased with this bracelet, so this price (less than 5,000 rubles) and battery life, which is two weeks.

But Meizu MIX R20 is a great compromise between classic watches and smart gadgets. They have a stylish analog dial and an impressive battery life, while not without useful electronic functions.

It looks like a normal mechanical watch, inside is a Swiss movement. But they know how to count steps, take notifications from your smartphone (in the form of an indicator at the top of the dial and vibration), are able to find your lost phone and Wake you at the right time.

Clock is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth through the app “Watch Meizu”. It is available for Android and iOS. How long work without recharging? Good question. To 8 months!

Another alternative to the Apple Watch — wearable electronics from Garmin. The range of Fenix 5 combined and “smart” component, and navigation, and sports. It includes 14 models of devices that come with displays, but looks like a classic watch. Always use the barometric altimeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer. Watch support Bluetooth 4.0 LE, water protection 10 ATM and has an optical heart rate monitor.

All hours support notifications, which allow you to receive emails, messages and other alerts. Precise navigation and tracking is provided by GPS, GLONASS, and additional sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass). And work well with the iPhone using their mobile app. Are, however, as the “wing plane” — cheaper to 40 thousand rubles to find such a device difficult.

Well, if you want to watch and iPhone work together as a single organism, we should all stay on the Apple Watch. Apple creates special limits for third party, so its only smart watch can provide full functionality and maximum native interaction with the smartphone. Apple Watch Series 3 over 25, 000 would be a great option, and there already the choice is yours — either to take the regular version, or Nike+ sports.

Apple Watch

As you can see, wearable devices that work with iPhone, many — for every taste and budget. The main thing — do not forget that the mere presence of smart watches or tracker will not make you sportier; about proper nutrition and training to forget too does not follow.

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