Not one step back: why Bitcoin should not fall below $ 6,000

Rivemont Crypto Fund analysts believe the price of $ 6000 critical support level for Bitcoin. Details of their study, the value of the cryptocurrency the company has published in Facebook. This writes the CCN.

When Bitcoin will stop falling

The price movement of Bitcoin in the coming months remains the main subject of debate among traders. In the second quarter of 2018 cryptocurrency all the time, bounced from one support zone, where a solid level for buyers.

At the moment, all market players await news about the ETF on Bitcoin. A positive response to the SEC could serve as a decisive catalyst for the new bullrun. However, the CEO of Pantera Capital Dan Morehead believesthat investors are exaggerating the impact of the first exchange triptofana on the price of Bitcoin.

Experts Rivemont Crypto Fund is not in a hurry to get into the trade before important events. 72.2% of the Fund’s assets are in Fiat, 19.4 and 8.4% in Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

After the rapid fall to the level of $ 6,100 is still unclear whether the recent rebound convincing sign of the beginning of a new local uptrend. While traders is to observe the lateral movement of the asset. If it fell below the support level, there is a high probability of further drop to 4800 dollars.

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