Norway will become the first state to adopt a wireless charging station for electric cars

النرويج تصبح أول دولة تبني محطة شحن لاسلكي للسيارات الكهربائية

Norway stated that its capital Oslo will be the first wireless charging station electric taxis in the world within its project-based to make all taxis in the country kettle by 2023 all new cars in general by 2025 in order to prevent carbon emissions to preserve the environment according to news agency Reuters.

Norway aims to facilitate the process of charging the car, and make simple tasks through new technology, especially as they are the country most buy electric cars in Europe in 2018 at about 46,143 car, followed by Germany and France.

Recall, that the plan of the country Scandinavian to make all vehicles in the country electric by 2025, and adopt similar plans in other countries such as Britain and France, but the last two put their plan up to 2040 due to many factors. To be Norway, by the pool significantly from the rest of the countries in maintaining the environment clean.

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