North Focals – smart-glasses in a classic frame for $999

Startup North has presented smart glasses Focals that look like a normal classic sunglasses, but at the same time projecting the user image, and are controlled by means of a ring-joystick.

The main difference from regular glasses Focals that catches the eye is a broad arch, one of which is a mini-projector. Otherwise, they look quite familiar and are available with rectangular and round frame.

Mini projector projects the image reflected from the glass in the iris of the eye, thus creating the effect of a hologram.

In Focals can receive notifications from different apps, weather, navigation displayed, with their help you can ask Alexa or order a taxi from Uber. In the future we plan to support more services.

Management of smart glasses is carried out by means of a ring-Loop joystick.

The battery capacity should be enough for a whole day of work Focals. Charged glasses in a branded case with a built-in battery. It is also possible to recharge the ring Loop. Work smart glasses with Android and iOS devices.

Smart glasses North Focals can already pre-order in the U.S. at a price of $999. However, to do this remotely will not work – the buyer must first scan the face for individual adjustment points in one of the showrooms of the company (in new York or Toronto). There buyers will be able to choose a pair of glasses with diopters. Sales will start in December this year.

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