Norman, the first system artificial intelligence a psycho in the world

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نورمان أول نظام ذكاء اصطناعي مريض نفسي في العالم

Smile researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT system artificial intelligence has been the training algorithm by showing the texts and images disturbing about death in gruesome ways which have been found on the site Reddit Reddit, which impact on this system and make it act like a psychopath.

Researchers launched the first system of artificial intelligence of a psychopath. in the world in the name of Norman Norman, in proportion to the main character in the movie Seiko Psycho Director Alfred Hitchcock in 1960.

As part of the experiment, the researchers trained the system Norman by using the texts from the collections of fموقع Reddit dedicated to document and observe the facts of the hideous and because of technical considerations and ethical use of the research team at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Description and explanation of the images and use real images of people dying, to see if they will change this data and information from the behavior system of the artificial intelligence.

While the basic rule groups the location of the ridge-specialized in documenting the facts of death – in that there must be a video clip for someone to die already in the publication that is shared, and must be unicast addresses are descriptive and accurate enough to understand exactly what is the content of the topic such as” stab a guy”.

After that, researchers subjected the system of Norman authority. the rorschach test, is the test of the psychology of personality and intelligence developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann rorschach in 1921. Who chooses what people see when they look into a series of ink blots represent patterns abstract model and asking them to analyze or interpret them, then it is analysis of the answers provided by the participants psychologically in order to measure the disorders of the interaction potential.

The system is subjected to artificial intelligence a record for yourself of the rorschach test the system Norman to compare the results, which came as follows:

In one of the tests of ink blots that were presented on the two systems, he saw the artificial intelligence system standard as “a telephoto shot of the vase decorated with flowers”, while he saw the system of Norman “man shot dead”. In another example described artificial intelligence system standard spot ink as “a black and white photo of a small bird”, while the description of its system, Norman, “a man is drawn into the kneading machine”.

To answer the question of why create the Massachusetts Institute of technology artificial intelligence system of the patient. Said the researchers they are trying to learn all about algorithms and that when things like this be hard to blame on the machine, so that the data which are used to teach the algorithms of machine learning can greatly affect their behavior”.

So when people talk about artificial intelligence algorithms biased and unfair, the offender is often not the algorithm itself but the data is biased, which has been fed out.

He said the research team, which includes all of Pinter Anna and Manuel cebrian in mortgages from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, the study proved that the data used in the training of the learning algorithms the robot can greatly affect on its behavior.

The study showed that the results of the experiment show that when it is charging algorithm as a “biased or unfair” to the perpetrator is often not the algorithm itself but the data is biased that is entered.

نورمان أول نظام ذكاء اصطناعي مريض نفسي في العالم


Norman, the first system artificial intelligence a psycho in the world

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