Nomi began sales of the tablet available with LTE and Android 8.1 in Ukraine

Available tablets NOMI – every 10-th Ukrainian! Thanks to the Corsa line of tablets, Libra and Ultra company Nomi was able to win the hearts of Ukrainian consumers and, as a consequence, one out of every 10 purchased tablet is NOMI.

Company NOMI continues to delight its customers with cutting-edge innovations. Already the 4th generation of tablets will be available for Ukrainian consumers. Fans
democratic brands will appreciate a set of technical solutions that are unique to models of this price category.

The new lineup consists of three models: Nomi Corsa4 7″, 8 Libra4 Nomi” Nomi and Ultra4 10″.

Company NOMI was able to create balanced tablet developed and implemented unique technical solutions that were previously only available in the TOP versions of international brands.

Externally, the model is similar to the previous line of tablets Nomi, but have undergone several changes. Now the edge of the case and glass are more rounded, the screen with 2.5 D effect gives the device a premium feel, makes the IPS display is visually more voluminous, and the shape of the hull is rounded with no sharp transitions between the faces. Physical screen resolution remains 1280 by 800 pixels, and diagonal is 7 to 10 inches, depending on the chosen model. The case became more compact, decreased the thickness of the framework, below is the speaker, giving a new sound to the tablet.

All the technical part of the new line created in collaboration with MediaTek, which is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile processors. Philosophy MediaTek — independent solutions for General image, and the “new premium” – for advanced users, relying on a balance of functions and prices.

Tablets NOMI equipped with two-way connector USB Type-C. the Integrated technology of “fast charging” Fast-Charge makes the new line of tablets is more practical and feasible for the consumer.

None of the available analogues on the Ukrainian market, can not boast of such solutions.

In the new line of tablets have a 3G version and is relevant at the Ukrainian market of LTE modules. In General, Nomi offers 9 configurations with different memory capacity, battery capacity and a variety of colors.

Tablet Nomi Ultra4 version 3G is the first device in Ukraine on the Android OS 8.1 GO Edition. This “Lite” version of the OS has received an updated package of Google services, low overhead and efficient bandwidth consumption.

Sales of the new line of tablets will start Nomi network-Hello on 16 August. The basic version of the 7-inch tablet will be available at a price of 1999 UAH.

The when the full lineup is expected in early autumn and to purchase the tablets will be available in electronics stores in the country.

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