Nokia will be 3 euros for each sold Smart Phone Technology 5G

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Is currently the letters patent relating to the licences, in important events for technology companies, and their impact now take Nokia and a group of other giants steps to avoid those battles in the future through public disclosure of licensing fees related to technology-5G.

Where the month of June version of the 5G state, and this already shows what it would look like 5G networks for(when the time comes to use it) Based on the hardware available to run them, which in turn depend on the experience and events from a number of wireless telecommunications companies including Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia in exchange for their participation in the creation of this technology, will allow each company to license its share of the contribution to the hardware makers, this means for example that both the companies Google and Apple will enter a small relationship and for each device has the right to use the patent technology that they want to put in their phones.

Lost Nokia license fee is fixed and is 3 euros, the equivalent of 3.48$ for each device, while Ericsson has recorded the standard conservative value of 2.50$ and 5$ For each device depending also on the price of the device, in the meantime planning to Qualcomm for licensing the patent technology of 5G increased by 2.275% of the wholesale price for each device works with 5G or increased by 3.25% of the price of the phone is multi-mode that apparently would be higher than the numbers achieved by other companies.

But there is also a gesture to show goodwill has lowered Apple prices her phone from$ 500 to$ 400, which reduced the fee on each Telephone to be instead of the 16.25$ became 13$ (it should also be noted that hardware makers bulk negotiating a reduced size which brings the fee lower than the price declared to the public).

Knowing that there are still some companies that did not disclose after on their own fees example company Huawei, despite that during the month enter the Chairman of the Board of Directors that the company will adhere to the principle of FRAND (which is that the fees are fair and non-discriminatory) to reduce the fees as much as possible, as it was also mentioned that it would be on holders of patents of the five to ensure that the rates of license cumulative have less and more transparent than the fourth generation.


This theme nokia will 3 euros for each sold Smart Phone Technology 5G appeared on Engadget.

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