Nokia reveal a new version of the Nokia 3310 supports 4G

The company disclosed the HMD world today about the update or a new version of the Nokia phone famous Nokia 3310 which is considered historically the second generation of this phone rooted after I detected the first version last year.

As is clear in the title as the most prominent feature is support for connecting to 4G networks this means that the phone can connect to the Internet at high speeds and you can benefit from this in some of the few applications preinstalled on the operating system YunOS.

Also you can take advantage of 4G in calls with high quality via advantage of VoLTE and the phone supports broadcast website which you can use hotspot crouch wireless broadcast the Internet to your devices.

The rest of specifications is almost not changed where it protects the phone screen size of 2.4 inch and 256MB RAM with 512MB cache and a battery The size of a 1,200 mAh stand 12 a day in standby mode and 5 hours calls, VoLTE, and 31 hours listening to the radio.

Will phone in next February in China did not disclose the price.



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