Nokia reduce the number of employees who will be demobilized in Finland

Nokia 5G -

Earlier this year, the company announced the Nokia about its plans to about 1330 staff in Europe in an attempt to save 700 million euros by the year 2020. It is expected that Nokia about 350 employees in Finland, but after negotiations, the number decreased to 280 employees.

Hiring company Nokia currently has about 6300 people in Finland. The company also plans to lay off about 530 employees in Germany, where it employs 3,500 employees, and about 460 employees in France, where it employs 4,000 employees. In Finland, the company will Nokia laying off employees outside the city of Oulu as the city has been hit hard in 2013, after Microsoft acquired the section of smart phones in the Finnish company will lay off 12 employees. Moreover, the city of Oulu is the place where development of the company Nokia 5G technology, and therefore the city is vital to the future of the company.

The city has worked for years to become a place to test the 5G, now it’s time for no-glare, mayor of the city, the University of Oulu, Centre for Technical Research VTT Technical Research Center in so all with Nokia on this project.


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