Nokia phone 3.1 latest need to update the Android Pie !

In late February, launched a HMD update Android Pie is possible to Nokia’s 3.1 Plus now it’s the role of Nokia 3.1 normal to get it.

هاتف نوكيا 3.1 أحدث الحاصلين على تحديث Android Pie

Nokia phone 3.1 latest need to update the Android Pie

Other than Nokia 3.1 Plus, who got the update Android 9 Pie later than planned, put up the new update for Nokia 3.1 was on schedule perfectly.

This did not stop some full details for the update, where it got a few users so far, but it will be up to a larger number during the coming days.

According to the Android 9 Pie on different devices, you’ll get the Nokia 3.1 to the gestures of the new development, user interface, redesigned apps, brightness control, battery, and other features of the Android Pie different.

Was put Nokia phone 3.1 for the first time last year in the month of May, as a smart phone powered by Android One, it comes with a promised two years of updates to the basic version and three years of security updates, so it can be expected the arrival of Android Q to the phone next year!

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