Nokia offers sensor sleep works with IFTTT in #CES2018

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The Department of Health in the Nokia company -which came after the takeover the company on the company, Withings, is pleased to announce some new things at CES, the first of which is sensor-bedroom new allows Nokia Sleep, which monitors your sleep and help you to target actions using IFTTT when you fall asleep or Wake Up.

Nokia Sleep

The company Withings already own a device for calls Withings Aura, and a sensor to sleep with the unit is placed to the side of the bed giving him a microphone; the the Nokia to abandon this unit and also reduced price. The sensor will use Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth LE, and will be shipped sometime in the first quarter of this year at a price of $ 100.

After placing the device under the mattress you can following sleep cycles in the Nokia Health Mate, such as light Sleep, Deep sleep stages rapid eye movement, the device can also keep track of the snoring.

The most important characteristic of the device is done with IFTTT, where you can pair a Nokia device Sleep with the other devices, for example when you wake up the device can tell IFTTT to turn on the lights or raise the temperature and many other things.

In addition to the new device Nokia will provide an update to the Nokia Health Mate, where now integrates voice assistant “Alexa”, what means that you can ask your Amazon Echo for the bedroom or your weight, this feature exists now in the experimental stages.

Will Nokia in version in pink gleaming from hours Nokia Steel HR smart, and will cost around 180-250 dollars bracelet from silicon or leather, will be available next month.


This theme nokia offer sensor sleep works with IFTTT in #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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