Nokia launches Android update 10 for Nokia 8.1

Announced the HMD brand owner company Nokia for the launch of the Android update 10 the identity of the target where it will be Nokia Phone 8.1’s first phone company, which will be the first stable version of this update starting from today.

Will update the phone all the advantages of Android 10 like Night Mode and hurt site’s data and desktop addition to many features and improvements that include the design, shortcuts and menus and sharing options.

Also offers update some of the special features such as Focus Mode and feature Family Link Plus to update it me and a lot of improvements and bug fixes for the phone on the level of software performance .

On the other side according to the road map announced by Nokia a few weeks ago, there’s a couple more you will receive this update during the next period and is Phone Nokia 9 pure Riverview phone Nokia 7.1 during the year 2019 to update the rest of the phones during the first quarter of 2020.


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