Nokia emphasizes that the phones send user data accidentally

Confirmed treatment of of Nokia, a subsidiary of the HMD in the comments recently that the problem of sending data to users of Nokia phones to China happen accidentally.

Nokia phones sent data

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In response to what you posted recently about sending phones Nokia users data to China, statements through the company HMD recently confirmed that sending data to China happens in Nokia phones by mistake, and noted that the problem occurs as a result of a glitch in the software have been addressed in the update launched phones during the month of February.

As indicated by the sign Nokia on to data that was sent has not be shared in any form, also not processed this data so I can not reveal the identity of the user, and the problem has been addressed already in all the phones.

On the other hand, the company confirmed that all data is sent to the company servers HMD in Singapore, where this information is subject to local laws.


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