Nokia does not see that the section digital health Digital Health is able to fix its


Last week the company announced the Nokia it is considering the future of the Department of digital health Digital Health, but revealed a leaked Memo now that the company plans to abandon the part responsible for the consumer products, although the final decision is yet to be. Ms. Kathrin Buvac, a large staff of strategy at Nokia, and staff ” section of the digital health Digital Health has struggled to expand and meet growth expectations “.

The note didn’t say that Nokia decided to completely close the section digital health Digital Health. The process of the acquisition of the French company Withings in 2016 was seen as ” bet ” who was behind the launch of Steel HR and Nokia Sleep in the gallery of consumer electronics, CES 2018, which was held in early January in Las Vegas, USA. Will continue to company Nokia to work directly with businesses rather than dealing with consumers and continue to license their own technologies in the field of telecommunications, industrial automation, along with some of the projects emerging.

In an attempt to boost hardware sales, consumer of buy Withings after they acquired the latter, the Nokia change the names of these products improve brand Nokia that are largely accepted in all over the world, but it turns out that even this step didn’t help. Ms. Kathrin Buvac that instead of falling in love with their own technology, the company should be honest with themselves. She stated Ms. Kathrin Buvac said : ” at the moment, I don’t see a way for the Department of Health digital becoming part meaningful from a big company like Nokia. “

As we have mentioned, note the approach does not confirm that the company Nokia is going to close the section digital health Digital Health, but they seem to pave the way for it in the end. It is certain that the note does not help to understand when the item with the words ” rapid failure is not a failure, is accelerating the pace of learning only “.


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