Nokia broke: a cheap Nokia 8.1 Plus looks better than the flagship Nokia 9

At the end of January this year, the Global HMD needs to present the flagship smartphone Nokia 9. First of the staff began to talk about six months ago, since then little has changed. Its design is already well known, but the company has somehow delayed the release of the device, which everything about him is simply forgotten. On the background of the current flagship Nokia 9 looks not very modern, if we evaluate only the front panel, but in the case of the 8.1 Plus the situation interesting. And helped us to understand the author of the foreign arstechnica.

He has published in the Twitter fun comparison Nokia 9 and Nokia 8.1 Plus:

Nokia 9:
The design of the front panel of 2017
The design of the rear panel 2019

8.1 Nokia Plus:
The design of the front panel 2019
The design of the rear panel of 2017

Doesn’t add up.

Indeed, the front panel Nokia 9 would be relevant for 2017 and in 2019 to release such a device embarrassing. Simultaneously, the rear panel with the five cameras looks innovative and certainly interesting. In addition to the flagship Global HMD is working on 8.1 Plus Nokia. It is not known when the smartphone will be launched but according to rumors, the device will be equipped of 6.22-inch display with FullHD resolution+, the screen will have a small hole under the camera in the upper left corner.

What should be the ideal flagship Nokia 9?

Take the rear panel 9 and the front Nokia with unlimited screen 8.1 Plus, we will get the perfect flagship of Nokia.

“Nine” will be equipped to 5.99-inch screen with FHD resolution+, Snapdragon processor 845, 6 gigabytes RAM and 512 gigabytes of flash memory, five core and 12-MP selfie camera, fast and wireless charging, battery 4150 mAh. Nokia 9 at the start of sales will be priced at 750 euros, which is quite modest, given the presence of so many cameras.

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