Nokia 9 shows the situation before the officially announced

Today has been a monitoring model for Nokia 9 with someone in Indonesia it seems that the employees of the company and works on the Test Phone. Show pictures leaked rear camera Double vertical with 13 maps next to its LED flash and the form is identical to the voice of infidelity that surfaced earlier claimed that he designed the device. Coming to Nokia 9 with OLED screen measuring 5.5 inches with dimensions of 9:18, there were rumors before saying that the phone will come with the Parties to the circular, which shows that it is realistic in this photo. There is another possibility that this phone is Nokia 7 Plus is similar in design to Nokia 9, and in both cases we have no choice but waiting for the starting of Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 at the end of February to find out what got the HMD world. Source: Detik

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