No technology complex, and the specification of the portable gaming device Playdate

While the world is going to put computers the fifth generation of playback devices video games, announced Panic to develop video games about the version of the device that supports the classic games of old allowed Play to date the size of a small screen not a 2.7 inch, enjoys a resolution of 240*400.

Device does not support Play date of pluralism in the colors, as it comes in black and white, and also it doesn’t support Touch system, where the player controls the game through the controller communications classic with two buttons select and start buttons to ActionScript.

The aim of the development device in a simple way to edit the players of the modern technologies and sophisticated and complex technology, where the system of play on the controller directional D-pad, according to the developer.

System adopts Play date which is developed from the team consists of 5 people only in collaboration with the company Teenage Engineering in the design of the ball you side of the device on the technique of Mac OS and will come with the device 12 of the new game for free is not tell yet is expected to remain murky until the approach of asking the device in the markets.

The company has stated that some games will use the ball tool you side, others will never need it. Revealed some images of the device some of the games that can come with them; Time Travel Adventure, the 360 and Executive Golf Dx.

According to the company announcement, the device will be available in 2020 without specifying a certain date for the issuance, at a purchase price of $ 149, and drew the company to that magazine EDGE will cover the device and publish pictures of him and the definition of players around the world with the specifications of the device over the next year.

Company noted a Panic that the new device will be powered by a number of video game developers in the world. She noted that there are some games will be specifically designed to conform to the device, as there are some of the games will be available to play during the Play date.

The company by announcing the possibility of booking your games mobile Play date through its website, you can booking of pressure on the rest..

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