No amazing smartphone from OnePlus in the near future should not wait

OnePlus is likely to work at least on three new smartphones that are scheduled to release later this year, but foldable smartphone is not among them. Pete Lau (Pete Lau), CEO of OnePlus went to Milan to mingle with students of the European Institute of design, where he shared his thoughts about the future.

Foldable phones are not ready for release right now, and it’s not just because of the price. Lau says they are not doing anything fundamentally different from current smartphones. Folding screens definitely have the potential, but not yet in smartphones.

Instead, the company wants to expand its activities in other directions – OnePlus working on a TV or “smart display” as it is called Lau. The CEO believes that remote controls obsolete, instead, Lau says that the AI can learn your habits and preferences and to prepare to serve to you the relevant information. Looks like OnePlus invents Google Now for TV.

OnePlus also wants to do the car business, working on electronics, so as to assemble a car too hard. Lau hinted at the possibilities provided by 5G, for example, improving the capability of the virtual assistant.

Similarly, the company develops products for the office, something for the era of cloud connectivity, as expressed by Lau, again, in combination with the already mentioned 5G networks and artificial intelligence.

The result of the project on the reinvention of TV will see the light sooner else that was mentioned, but it is too early to say when exactly it will start. Automobile and office devices will be developed over the next few years.

And while you are waiting for a new TV for your living room, read interesting stuff about how OnePlus is going to solve the popular problem of OLED displays.

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