Nissan unveils car Aria test

The company revealed a Nissan today at the Tokyo Motor Show for the car Aria Ariya checksum, which is a crossover kettle equipped with a double electric and a strong technology award-winning to help the driver striking appearance to complement the innovative design fully adopted by the brand.

The rule of Aria-test the beginning of a new era in Nissan is seeking to re-formulate a philosophy of its brand in stage transition next.

The vehicle features cabin interior elegant and spacious fitted the benefits of the high technical structure reflects the nature of the electric car clean.

And control the vision of Nissan for the smartphone that lets through more electric and intelligent vehicle driving experience integrated and seamless mix of accidents and harmful emissions.

The ARIA checksum on the elements of the design emerged for the first time in the context of the IMx – test of the Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 like shield V-motion electric blade taillights are outstanding, in addition to the short distance between the center of the wheel rim of the vehicle cabin interior that resembles a stylish hallway.

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Although crossover is optional, however, her style bold interior with Interior non-conventional components and Foreign might make the car viable for production in the near future.

And the rule of Aria-Test full coordination between design and engineering and represents the next phase of Nissan designs future the company will continue a new era in her career.

The car is Aria Test at the Tokyo Motor Show besides the car IMk, an electric car optional custom of the city, is considered examples of the substrate to see the new Nissan car-related electrical.

There are engineering new car new opportunities to rework how the interaction of the cars with the community and lead the electric car with the potential of advanced driving to switch views.

And want the company of this car and the IMk to protect every car from Nissan a Japanese special highlights in a modern and simple philosophy of “Timeless Japanese Futurism”.

The car elegance cruise, gravity and the photo booth its external design language of the New, whether it’s in the front bumper of the petition or LED lamps front high or front shield – which replaces the front grille in the cars working with gasoline – with a sense of April lit to the side of the geometric model clearly shows when Jan grille V-motion electric.

And replaced the company’s traditional young what is called a class, an element crossing a three-dimensional character highlights the technologies provided by the car like a sensor, radar and other tools to help car Aria checksum to explore the road and see what no driver can see you.

Featuring a wheeled vehicle aluminum LED 21 inch five blades and frames rate, and allow the ceiling flow to control the starting of all safety on the roads.

And differ the backend of the car what we have seen him in sports cars multiple traditional uses, where it falls into column C the underbody with the surface of the rear prominent.

Stretching the blade of light from the one piece lens black on the width of the structure, and reflects the rear bumper and rear wing the high power of the car.

And April to establish a balance between the gravity of the dynamic technological development in the outer compartment, where show car gauges what can be done to prevent the electric car is one hundred percent manufactured by Nissan.

Granted, the separation distance between the center of the wheels and the edge and the cabin you’re welcome, wheels, big paint and the duo of colors the car an elegant look that strikes a balance between the sporty character of the soil.

And take paint Suisei blue, adopted in the context of the ARIA test the color of a double varies according to the distance that you see of the car, if it looks like the color of the distant dark blue, non shiny, but when you approach the car, the glass flakes large billion reflecting light, which remember, are guilty of crossing the sky at night.

It seems the roof of Aria and its wheels a new color will be adopted in Nissan’s electric future, which is the color of copper or the sun, the focus of this painting to the dawn of a new era in the automotive sector and the traditional craftsmen of old who turned the copper to the art of my work.

As reflected the car compartment and Aria checksum external elegance and gravity, the fluid in its interior stands out through the integration between technology and daily life and the exact nature to cultural Japanese.

This includes the occupants of the car immediately enter the spaciousness of its area, thanks to the flat floor and the way the design of the battery and the absence of the internal combustion engine, the merge of the panels to each other naturally and seamlessly from the article aspects of fear, what provides an impression of space from any seat.

Featuring the dashboard is simple, unlike conventional cars where the buttons are, where the added control tools built-in touchscreen underbody and disappear from the surface immediately after switching off the car.

Not find the driver in the car controls several prominent power button and one to turn the display screen measuring 12.3 inches, tools to control the heat. compact carefully around the bottom of the dashboard is made of original wood which pack in doors and interior elements are all streamlined so that it does not return visible in the case of non-use.

Feature car seats the ARIA test is a framework for adult lift, and provide spacious greater possibility of enhanced vision.

And take the seats front and rear position for all passengers to see their surroundings perfectly, and the back of the chair and below it from the perforated leather with the intensive use of the material in the lumbar region and hips, featuring my fabric copper glitter under the holes and the beauty of the car.

Were tested interior materials carefully for durability and technological interest, since it covers synthetic leather black Deluxe instrument panel and door panels of the interior.

Surrounded artificial leather different color by Column A, What makes the contrast between the two is obvious, the trim aluminum copper color visible on the dashboard, seats, and reflect the merger in the outer.

Designed Nissan car Aria probationary to full the pillars of the development of the smart of April, which is driving smart, energy smart, and intelligent.

And the car between the electric car technology advanced and new levels of communication flow between humans and machines, the provider of this a new driving experience to the full.

The vehicle features the latest version of the driver assistance system Award-winning ProPILOT 2.0, which provides a more comfortable driving experience and confidence.

And the system between the driving geared on the highway and driving through single track without putting hands on the steering wheel which interacts with the navigation system in the car for its running via a preset on the roads a certain.

The system ProPILOT 2.0 to facilitate overtaking and to avoid deviation from the path and out of him, as enables driving through a certain path without placing the hands on the seat.

When approaching the car from the way extinct, or pass the slower car, the system offers the timing is appropriate to focus based on the information provided by the navigation system and Consulting which includes 360 degrees.

Receive driver alerts voice and visual call to place the hands on the seat and confirm his assumption of the leadership at the push of a button, and when the system ProPILOT 2.0 factor while driving, changing the color of the interior lighting that draws in the cabin atmosphere of relaxation.

The car Aria checksum high performance equipped with electric transfer one hundred percent wheel torque instant through engine front/rear double.

This design offers energy-balanced the wheels encounter a lot of luxury sports cars, also provide the context of the ARIA test performance excellent cornering stability on surfaces slippery, snow-covered and without having the driver to change his style of leadership, guidance or even change the position of the pedal.

This is done thanks to the control system of the kidneys of Defense high energy associated with the dual drive.

Used engineers the knowledge they have gained over the years in the development of drive control, including a system ATTESA E-TS to provide torque in the Nissan GT-R and all-wheel drive smart in style of patrol in order to invent this new system of energy management of the electric car and brake automatically, ensuring driving safety and reduce the wheel slippage.

Policy can Aria checksum that fit seamlessly with the lifestyle of the driver while driving or after the provider of freedom and development in any place or time.

And receives the car’s driver when approaching them the lights of a welcoming and open the lock automatically, without the need to use the key, with the adjustment of settings like the driver’s seat and control the heat according to the preferences of the driver which can be saved in advance via smart phone before entering the car.

Can sync the car with the schedule the driver so that the available departure times and control the heat in preparation for the staging, which reflects positively on the driving range thanks to the use of energy from the grid to heat or cool the car.

Once the driver to the car, works Plugin the default search for information and locate parking to keep the driver waiting on the road.

The system track layout the smart (Smart Route Planner) for the Aria while driving to identify charging stations along the way to make sure the arrival of the driver to his destination.

The Department of energy storage of driving long distances without spending a lot of time in shipping during development, used car Aria checksum technique CHAdeMO fast charging to activate the battery, quickly and easily, preferably the charging port when the approaching driver of the terminal it uses colors to show the proportion of Fast shipping.

The driver can use a smartphone or device to park the car in a way Automatic at a nearby location thanks to the system ProPILOT irrigation remotely, and this helps passengers who need more space or help when out of the car.

And technology FOTA updates on the navigation system and user interface advantages of a command make sure to run the car effectively and provide them with the latest more keeps the driving experience fun.

The rule of Aria energy technology from Nissan that allow communication systems different energy to charge the battery and provide power for home or office or even re-sell surplus energy to the grid, and energy technology of the Nissan take advantage of the capabilities of the car Aria is not only for driving but in different aspects of life.

I have a Nissan with a clear vision of the world, the rule of Aria-test the first step in a trending April to establish a new structure for the electric cars to serve the design and driving, and this car see Nissan smart learning and a different driving experience for the future.

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