Nissan launches taxi service for self-driving in Japan

Self-driving vehicles, based on Nissan Leaf EV, for Easy Ride service, developed by Nissan and mobile gaming platform operator DeNA Co, are seen during its media preview in Yokohama

Taxi services on-demand, like Uber actively exploring the idea of creating services, taxis self-leadership, one of the largest car manufacturers in Japan are also going to turn in that direction. In fact, I announced Nissan announced its plans to launch a taxi service self-driving in Japan. The company Nissan in collaboration with DeNa to launch a taxi service self-driving Easy Ride on the fifth day of the month of March in Japan.

Since the service will be based on policies, a completely independent, you will be tested in a limited area initially. It would be riders in the area of Minato Mirai in Yokohama. able to use the new application to call one of the taxi self-driving this.

Will be using this car on the track length of 4.5 kilometres between the headquarters of Nissan global and Yokohama World Porters. As we have seen in the other tests for cars self-driving, there will always be the driver’s safety behind the wheel which will take over the driving when anything wrong happen. Will be the operations centre to remotely monitor all flights to ensure that everything works smoothly.

While they’re in the car, you’ll be able to passengers using a tablet device inside the car to become up to 500 place recommended nearby. As they will be able to download about 40 special discount coupons for stores and restaurants in the area on their own smart phones.

And both Nissan and DeNa that after the completion of the test, initial public offering, plans to each of the two companies to expand taxi service self-leadership for cities and regions in Japan by the year 2020.


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