Nintendo works to put the device to my Switch this summer

نينتندو تعمل على طرح جهازي سويتش هذا الصيف

Popularity rose Nintendo its Switch during the financial period and has become a strong competitor in the gaming market which leave you Sony followed by Microsoft, it seems that the Switch you want to raise the roof challenge has narrowing the gap with its rivals through the launch of two new this summer.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the Nintendo want to launch a mobile version of its device, as is the case with the current version, in addition to the big version of the highest potential to provide huge games similar to what is provided by Sony with its PlayStation and Microsoft with the Xbox, where the company seeks all the power to prevent in this market.

The source also stated that Nintendo want to reduce the possibilities of the device smaller to abandon controllers HD Rumble estimating the costs of young women, and women with the means to the top.

You probably won’t see a device the size of a PlayStation or Xbox in terms of potential directly, but we have to wait and see until the summer to see what will Nintendo’s new ideas competition is the biggest in the gaming market.

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