Nintendo will provide game Miitomo in May

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Before the spread of the game Super Mario Run and play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was so many people playing the game Miitomo, which was a form of social networking, the first entry for Nintendo’s systems, Android and iOS; but now the company announced it would close the game on May 9. The game was stepped up to the first positions at the app when launched in 2016, said he downloaded more than 10 million users; but as quickly fell because of its lack of key features that make players come back; it has added chat and increased customization in the game but late.


There is a note on the website telling users that the sale of coins has ended, but the game will bonuses to enter daily From now until they are stopped as part of the festival thanks the final; once you turn off the game on May 9 will be the users able to see or use any of the features of the game.

You will need to save the game Miitomo on their device prior to closure, and copy characters Sidekick, Mii is backed up as a QR code to on the devices 3DS or Wii U. save your Mii you will need to link the account Nintendo, but all you get is her form but not her personality.


This topic Nintendo will game Miitomo in May appeared on Engadget.

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