Nintendo Switch over device Games best-selling in the French market in 2018


Saw the 2018 competition between device my Sony Home Playstation 4 and a Nintendo Switch on the forefront of gaming hardware sales in global markets, and while we learned that the first managed to sell 18 million units from January to November 2018, we do not yet have the numbers to company need.

What we do know, that Sony device home managed to negotiate in the market Australian and British market, while Miss your Nintendo Switch in Japan and France, the American market, we get all the details when the report of the agency NPD usual.

And with respect to Mr. French, he has managed to Switch in the sale of 1.13 million units during the past year, superior to what he has achieved in the first year, and is this the best home consoles selling in this market in 2018, with a total turnover of over 2 million units in France.

And recall that the company need, and expect to sell in 2019, more than managed to sell it in 2018 in the French market.

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