Nintendo Switch miss out on all the home consoles in terms of sales in the year 2018

Nintendo Switch

Because of the disaster, Nintendo Wii U, it is not difficult to justify why it was the middle of my Nintendo investors are questioning the success of the Nintendo Switch in the beginning. However, he has proved your Nintendo Switch since then that the critics were wrong, it enables the latter to skip the sales that harvested your Nintendo Wii U during the entire period of its availability in the market within just one year, and now according to the figures the latest for which we have today, it enables your Nintendo Switch to skip all the home consoles in terms of sales in the year 2018.

Note that your Nintendo Switch is still very far away from the Playstation 4 from Sony in terms of overall sales, but when it comes to 2018 alone, they have managed to device the newest games from the company Nintendo of thinking on everyone. Moreover, it has also been is a games home best-selling in the month of December last.

According to the analyst Mat Piscatella in an organization NPD Group, has stated by saying : ” Born to Nintendo Switch in the month of December in the year 2018 sales of more than any other device since the launch of the Nintendo Wii in the month of December of the year 2009. Achieved the highest sales for a single since the month of December of the year 2010 “. And also that the game is Super Smash Bros played a big role in stimulating sales of the Nintendo Switch, not hard to see why.

There were rumors indicating that Nintendo intends to launch a new version of your Nintendo Switch in the latter part of this year, but it remains to be seen whether that will happen or not. At the same time, expected to be the year 2019 is the year that will launch the game Pokemon new RPG for your Nintendo Switch, which will certainly help to stimulate the sales of this device from New.

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