Nintendo says that sales of Nintendo Labo reached the company’s expectations

Nintendo Labo

Earlier this year, revealed Nintendo unveiled accessories Nintendo Labo. Everyone felt in the beginning that this small scope we are sure that there are some people who questioned the company’s decision. However, it seems that Maxthon Nintendo Labo achieved a good performance, or at least good performance in accordance with the standards of Nintendo. This according to the head of branch of the company Nintendo in North America who spoke to Forbes.

When asked whether accessories Nintendo Labo has succeeded in meeting the expectations of the company, replied Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime in the affirmative and so declared, saying : ” she has achieved our expectations fully, and to put that in perspective, we believe Nintendo Labo as a toy and will remain for long periods of time, as we have seen with Brain Age on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii Fit on your Nintendo Wii “.

For those who have not heard about Nintendo Labo before, they are a collection of accessories made of cardboard which can be fitted with them and connect them with your Nintendo Switch. From there users can programmed to do a variety of things. For example, we have seen how some users download Nintendo Labo to the controller in the electric chair, or use them as tools musical.

But as we have said, Nintendo Labo is a unique kind of accessories but its an interesting initiative by the company. It remains to be seen where will the popularity of these accessories, but they are doing a good job so far.



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