Nintendo plans to launch two devices to switch through 2019

Nintendo working on two new starter two to get them out soon, probably by next summer, according to the Wall Street.

The report stated that one of the two devices will be the cheap option, be enjoyed the other”features improved host fun Mochi games”.

Will the cheap the advantage of vibrations which indicates a probability of not coming to the console Joy-Con, says it will be closer in design to the 3DS. Stated another source early in the year that this device will focus on the scalability of roaming.

While the report mentions details about the top-end, hinted another source that will change more than just a simple increase in performance.

Recall that the device switch current uses processor Tegra X1, which 4-year-old from Nvidia, the back to develop a new processor for the Nintendo may see the next generation of Switch was a huge improvement on performance.

Finally, the source stated that because the declaration of devices switch to the new during the E3 conference in June.

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