Nintendo may soon Switch to turn the tablet on Android

Nintendo Switch quite rapidly rushed on the market, proving to the world that innovative solutions can bring profit, becoming one of the fastest consoles from the Japanese company. The “heart” of the game system is the Nvidia Tegra chip, which means that it is quite possible to run third-party applications. Including operating system from Google that will make it possible to work with a lot of useful programs and running games. And, it seems that one developer-enthusiast did it.

Actually, nothing surprising in this, because Nintendo Switch has already been ported to Linux, so the launch of Android was only a matter of time. The user, hiding under the nickname ByLaws also set out not just to run Android on Nintendo Switch, and turn the console from a Japanese company into a real tablet.

As you can see in the screenshot above, to run the OS from Google on Nintendo Switch managed, but the work is far from complete. In recognition of the ByLaws, now the team writes the drivers to make Nintendo Switch to work in tablet mode. As on of the startup logo yet that has not moved. Moreover, even if the download happens, there is no guarantee that the console will remain stable. However, some built-in drivers are quite suitable for the iron Switch.

In General, the device is not the first time Nintendo are “friends” with Linux, as the developers of third-party software have always used the core of this OS to run their apps and create shells. Linux has worked without problems on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Switch must succumb sooner or later. Moreover, the presence of Android on a portable game system will give more multimedia features to console players, and potentially can serve as the basis for the development of the emulator Switch to your Android tablet.

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