Nintendo is that the next network device by the Switch will be worth the wait!


A long time ago was a company new Japan has confirmed that it intends to launch the service the game the beauty of the network device by the hybrid Switch, similar to the Xbox Live service from Microsoft and Playstation Plus from Sony, and it was planned to launch the service in the last year before you need for deferral to the next year.

Well, the Company New has confirmed that this service will be launched in the month of September, are officially priced at 20$ in the US markets and 20 euros in its European counterpart. Through meeting investors to buy into when the announcement of the financial results of the company, the President of the company “tatsumi cities” to ads and details next steps “will wait”, and demanded of investors shocked to learn the details of the service.

Company need confirmed they vary many of the ideas for services and contributions as possible, but she did not explain anything about these contributions, and kept their plans a bit vague. We’ll bring you more details when I learn new about them.

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