Nintendo is looking for startup companies to develop supply Nintendo switch

نينتندو تبحث عن شركاء ناشئة لصناعة مستلزمات نينتندو سويتش

نينتندو تبحث عن شركاء ناشئة لتطوير مستلزمات نينتندو سويتش

The company signed a Nintendo partnership with a VC Fund to create new companies emerging to develop supply device games Nintendo switch.

And is VC Fund of the company which embraces the startups in different areas and invest and develop them, have already invested in dozens of companies. Which made Nintendo contracts them to provide several emerging technology companies to help them.

It features a gaming device Nintendo switch susceptibility of the plugins in a distinctive way, which makes the possibility of the development of any add-ons for the device easy for organizations, fun for the Nintendo, which seeks to raise the popularity of its device more.

In this step, the company will be able to make the startups are free to develop ideas and especially with games, which is what will greater diversity to the company in more plugins.



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