Nintendo has sold 16.9 million device switch and achieved 10.7 million during its fiscal year 2018

نينتندو باعت 16.9 مليون جهاز سويتش وحققت 10.7$ مليار خلال عامها المالي 2018

Announced Nintendo today announced its financial results for the year 2018 which ended on 31 March, the company’s revenue from the sale of the units her switch in addition to the games with $ 10.7 million in 12 months; sold by 16.95 million device to switch to its revenue rise from last year, which amounted to nearly $ 9.4 million in the net profit was $ 2.2 million compared with the previous year, which made it $ 1.6 million.

In the number of units Switch sold in the last quarter of 2018 _ the first three months of 2019 to 31 are 2.47 million units which is less than the version desired by the expectations of the company and compared also with those achieved in the same period last year the sale of 2.93 your Switch.

The incision of the games it has played an important role in raising the company’s total revenue in the time that I didn’t get to their forecast to sell 17 million units during the year, where the company sold 13.81 million copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and 10.63 million copies of the game pickup campers let’s Go.

The aim of the company today to break the barrier 18 million device Switch sold during one year in our Amer. of the current financial in conjunction with the issuance of a number of exclusive games that will bring the audience raises the level of competitiveness in the market especially with all of Sony and Microsoft.

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