Nintendo denies rumors of intent to launch a new starter in the exhibition E3

نينتندو تنفى شائعات نيتها إطلاق وحدات سويتش جديدة في معرض E3

The company denied Nintendo on the lips of its executive director Shuntaro Furukawa company’s intention to launch any of the console games have a new starter during the electronics fair entertainment E3 next June, where he was Furukawa said, ” We are always on the unity of the new games, but announced it would be increasing with the time that we were ready to sell them,” he said, adding during the conference the declaration of the company’s financial results as there is no line they have to announce it during the E3 Expo.

Comes this statement from Furukawa following the many reports that talked about the business end on your games cheap with your last high specification similar to the version PlayStation and the Xbox, but in spite of this oil can stop the company announced a light version of the Switch with the beginning of next June in time worth knowing E3 and not in the knowledge itself.

Anyway, the coming days will show more about the plan need to build devices Games large extent the credibility of the reports that talked about the follow the company’s system of traditional with the Relieve of cost and thus take out the units switch to the consumer at a lower price.

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