Nintendo confirms it will not launch your Nintendo Switch new at E3 2019


There have been some recent reports about the approaching company, Nintendo to launch a new model of a Nintendo Switch. Reports spoke specifically about the model is small in size and cheap in the same time from your Nintendo Switch. Even if the company Nintendo plans to launch such a device, they assured us now that they will not disclose any device Nintendo Switch new in education conference annual E3 2019 the next.

The report from the news agency poor says that the company Nintendo has denied to be planning to launch a Nintendo Switch new in gallery Entertainment the annual E3 2019 to be held in the month of June next. CEO of Nintendo, Mr. Shuntaro Kurukawa : ” as a general rule, we’re always working on new hardware and promote it when we are able to sell them “. The statement was made by Mr. Shuntaro Kurukawa the remarks in the event that revealed where the company announced its financial results for the first quarter of this year.

Added Mr. Shuntaro Kurukawa : ” we have no plans to announce a new device at the E3 Expo 2019 in the month of June next. “ However, while these statements are subsiding the purchase of a rumor that stated that we will see the device Nintendo Switch new at E3 2019 to be held in the month of June next, they are not enough to quell the purchase of a rumor that stated that the company Nintendo is working on new models from a Nintendo Switch.

In the case if previous reports are true, it is expected that the company Nintendo launched two new models of your Nintendo Switch this year, and one of them will be small in size and cheap Also knowing that he won’t reach out to control the Joy-Con detachable, and that’s what drove many people to describe his successor your Nintendo 3DS.

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