Nintendo check on the accusations that have been directed to her boss in Russia


The company stressed that Nintendo Network Eurogamer that it was investigating the accusations that the long head of the branch of company in Russia, Yasha Haddaji, which was seen in one of the clips broadcast on YouTube, and he loses his temper and Beats by and swearing at staff.

Many of the staff of the new Russia bought from this president and treated him bad and unethical for the media, the accusations were so numerous, extortion and insults down to a challenge, which sparked widespread attention. As I mentioned other reports that the president is really interested in games company and her fans in Russia, but also mentioned some of the staff that gives higher salaries to employees who do not have the relationship Games, exploitation of passionate employees who love the company and her toys by the economy in their salaries.

The actions of Haddaji and chosen words certainly do not represent the values of our company.

New confirmed that MM also on the other recriminations that have been routed to this president and confirmed they are investigating on this matter.

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