Nintendo announces games Pokémon Sword and shield for Switch

Announced Nintendo officially announced its plans to launch Pokémon Sword وPokémon Shield on the gaming console Switch in the autumn of this year.

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The company launches Nintendo second-generation games Pokémon in the autumn of this year, where the company announced officially today for all of the game Pokémon Sword وPokémon Shield scheduled to be available soon for users of the game console Switch.

And all come from the game my Pokémon Sword وPokémon Shield injured your three-dimensional وcel-shaded, to experience new and different from the games Pokémon previous.

Also scheduled to spin the latest games in the new Galar, how come someone innovative technologies from Pokemon, among them three of the characters already appeared in the promo video for the game and they Grookey and Scorbunny and also Sobb.


I know of

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