Nikon reveals camera Z6 وZ7 full frame without the mirrors

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Revealed Nikon today about all of the cameras Z6 and Z7 which she as the most significant since 1959, instead of the announcement of the company for the issuance of one kind of cameras announced two versions of the New, which reminds us of the issuance of Sony’s common for the first cameras without mirrors,

Where to buy your new cameras in the properties of the design and handling all of these aspects come identical, with some differences a little example of the precision, the speed of image capture, and automatic image.

Other than talking about the camera itself, the big news is that Nikon decided to abandon the holder of the F-mount is famous and used in both film SLR and DSLR since 1959, and instead of an entire new set called Z-mount.

By entering the new holder with a hole diameter much larger in F-mount by 55mm compared to the 44 mm, it also allowed Nikon to their interests to achieve the maximum benefit from the full-frame sensor, and the company claims that these updates will exceed the sound quality of the lenses are F mount.

This also means that it’s also possible to see lenses f/0.95 ultra-fast and near to a large extent the level of aperture and Focal length 58mm f / 0.95 is expected to be released next year.

But in the meantime there will be a range of new lenses without the mirrors as lenses, S-Line, the stillness of the three lenses when version two Z 24-70mm f / 4 S
And Z 35mm f/1.8 S wide-angle prime
And Z 50mm f/1.8 S standard prime.

However don’t worry if you have a lot of lenses for the F mount, and want to move to the new system, which revealed the Nikon is also about the new adapter will have to FTZ Mount square compatible with nearly 360 lens also supports auto exposure, but if you want to automatic exposure and auto focus here will decrease the number of lenses 93 lens.

Specifications of Nikon Z7:

The beginning of the feature the camera sensor backlit full-frame fit in places of low light accurately 45.7 mega pixel camera with a wide ISO range of ISO64-25,600, while the range of sensitivity adjustable by the equivalent of ISO of IS32-102,400, while the dimensions are similar to Camera Nikon D850, where the company confirms that this sensor is different where he comes with a couple of processors EXPEED image 6 which allows export at a rate of 9fps.

It also comes specific vision VGA OLED Quad VGA Size 5.0 inches on the accuracy of the $ 3.69 million points, with the possibility of zoom at 0.80 x and offer 60p, it also comes also in the back of the camera the touch screen measuring 3.2 inches with an accuracy of 2.1 million points.

It also features a camera Z7 with image stabilization of 5-axis which will also be 5 stations for the, while the who want to shoot video, they’ll be able to do this in 4K and frames up to 30 frames per second. With memory card slot XQD, with battery EN-EL15b updated to allow the network via USB.

Specifications of Nikon Z6:

All come from the cameras Z7 and Z6 are identical to a large extent after several major investments in the camera Z7 sensor accurately 45.7 mega pixel camera, comes camera Z6 sensor accurately 24.5 mega pixel camera with a wide ISO range of 100-51, 200, and also you also get a camera with the AF system is different with the points Z6 273 phase-detect AF point while the rate of capture 12fps.

Also interesting that all the cameras don’t target professionals specifically, where it is expected to begin shipping Z7 in the 27 of September, while coming Z6 later unlimited After is likely to be on the first of November.

While will be the cost of the Nikon Z7 to be 3999.95$, and will be available with the carrier FTZ at a cost of$ 269, while to adapt Nikon Z6 the amount of 1.995$ structure only while it’ll cost 2599.95$ with a lens Z 24-70mm f / 4 S holder with FTZ.


This topic Nikon reveals camera Z6 وZ7 full frame without the mirrors appeared on Engadget.

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