Nikon launches my camera COOLPIX A1000 and COOLPIX B600 photographers and amateurs in the region

نيكون تطلق كاميرتي COOLPIX A1000 و COOLPIX B600 للمصورين والهواة في المنطقة

Revealed the Nikon Corporation, the global leader in the field of cameras for two cameras two new compact two-class COOLPIX, which is aimed by both designers and amateurs, while enjoying filming everyday. Where that cameras COOLPIX A1000 and COOLPIX B600 enjoy the wide angle and the ability to capture high quality photos and videos.

Was Nikon have announced cameras two days before, to develop as rapidly in the Middle East and North Africa. Commented Narendra Menon, managing director of the company in the region on this matter by saying, ” to reflect these additions to the series to our evolving desire to Nikon in offering a shooting experience different from smart devices in the light of technological development that we are seeing in products today’s customers. And fit my camera COOLPIX A1000 Coolpix B600 uses the ordinary and everyday to save the memories, capture photos and Videos high-quality understanding of the two in all situations”.

And enjoy both cameras feature focus before shooting to get the highest accuracy of the approximation images, as enjoy the ability to focus on after just one centimeter of the thing, which gives the user a chance to capture small details.


Speaking of camera COOLPIX A1000, they are thoroughly enjoying 16 mega pixels with light sensitivity of ISO 6400, as well as the optical zoom at the rate of 35× and the doctor dynamic at the rate of 70×, also contain a flat-screen diagonal size of 3 inches to prevent the user seeing the best.

Also enjoy camera technology helps reduce vibration at the rate of 3 times, and technology to address the files in RAW format the NRW and then processed via apps ViewNX-i or Capture NX-D from Nikon without reducing its quality.

And the camera ability to record video 4K UHD Ultra HD for up to 11 minutes at 2160p and 30 frames per second, or video for 29 minutes in high resolution 1080 and 30 frames per second.


The camera COOLPIX B600 enjoys the potential of higher for to capture normal photos, where the characteristic optical zoom at 60 x and the doctor dynamic at the rate of 120×, next to wide angle 24 mm. Come camera accurately 16 mega pixel camera with a light sensitivity of ISO 6400 and the possibility to reduce the vibration of the visual.

Granted the camera 19 option for the Capture mode, such as portraiture intelligent compensation, etc., as well as giving an advantage to disable high quality videos directly through the re-share.

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