Nike has applied for registration of the trade mark Cryptokicks. Sneakers with tokens inside?

Nike filed a patent and trademark office application for trademark registration Cryptokicks. It is said that the footwear giant is planning to release cryptocell and “downloadable mobile applications for access to collectible items, graphic elements and tokens”. In addition, the trademark intended for trading online site with shoes and clothes.

According to the document, the tokens will be able to use members of the online community of the brand, and they will allow you to pay through “non-traditional monetary systems”. Between the case referred to the creation of the blog under the same brand name, which will be presented the information from the scope of cryptococcaceae and production of online games with domestic currency.

The request of the company in his Twitter said the lawyer for trademarks in the U.S. Josh Gerben. As the expert noted, it was filed with a status of 1B, which means that Nike takes commitment to begin to use the trademark in the near future.

It seems that this brand really should be associated with cryptocurrencies… this brand by itself says that it is “cryptocurrency, called Cryptokicks”.

Lately, Nike is actively promoting its own mobile app, and even uses an aggressive social media marketing. According to the official website, now a segment of digital Commerce brings the company $ 2 billion.

Traditional companies increasingly invest in criptural. On the eve it became known that Samsung has invested in the hardware manufacturer cryptocell Ledger $ 2.9 million. This was announced by the representative of the company, though details of the deal yet.

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